Children's dental health month

This article is coming a couple months late, but did you know that February is Children’s Dental Health month? Every year thousands of dentists, dental hygienists and dental students travel to local schools to educate children about taking care of their teeth. 

Part of Children’s Health Month also involves “Give Kids a Smile.” Around the country dental schools open up their doors to children who would otherwise not have access to proper dental care. As a student at the University of Buffalo this was always a great day and one I looked forward to. It was a great opportunity to become more comfortable with pediatric dentistry as well as to give back to the local community.

Speaking With Children About Brushing

This year I had the opportunity to speak to the children across the street from our office at Edukids as well as the pre-K through 2nd graders at St. John’s the Baptist School in Alden. We talked all about why brushing and flossing are important as well as what foods are healthy and unhealthy for their teeth. Finally, we finished up by everyone practicing their brushing skills on “Sparky” the dog. Overall they were both great days and everyone had fun! 

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