Preventive Dentistry in East Aurora

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry describes the combined efforts you and your dentist make to maintain proper oral health and keep dental complications like tooth decay, discoloration, and gum disease at bay. It’s the least complicated type of dentistry but also the most important one. Proper preventive dentistry can help avoid cosmetic and restorative dentistry. It’s also the most affordable type of dentistry and the only one that requires almost equal contribution from you and your dentist.

preventive dentistry in East Aurora
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By preventing dental problems or addressing them in the early stages, preventive dentistry can save you money in the long run.

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What to Expect During Your Preventive Dental Care Appointment

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Step 1: Examination

Your East Aurora dentist will first examine your oral cavity to check for any signs of dental decay, gum disease, and mouth cancer. The dentist might also take X-rays if you have tooth decay o determine the extent of the decay. If everything checks out, you can proceed to the next step.

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Step 2: Teeth Cleaning

The next step involves cleaning the teeth to remove plaque and tartar using a brush and scraper. They’ll also use a rubber cap and polishing paste to polish your teeth and remove surface stains, mostly from pigmented foods and drinks.

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Step 3: Fluoride Treatment

Most dentists recommend a fluoride treatment after teeth cleaning to strengthen the teeth and make them less prone to dental decay and other complications. The dentist will apply a highly-concentrated foam, paste, or gel of fluoride directly on the teeth with a swab or brush. Some dentists might administer trays for the same.

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Step 4: Education and Treatment Recommendations

Lastly, the dentist will educate you on the right ways to maintain proper oral health and why doing so is super important. You’ll receive tips on the right brushing and flossing techniques as well as recommendations on the best products for your dental health. Dentists will also recommend future treatments for any issues they might have picked out during the examination.

The Benefits of Preventive Dental Care

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Preventive dental care is immensely beneficial for patients of all ages. First off, preventive dental care significantly reduces your risk of getting dental complications like gum disease and dental decay, among others. The examination during preventive dental care helps identify early signs of dental complications before they spiral out of control. This early identification means the dentist can promptly address the issue before it gets severe and costs you a bundle to treat.


It also encourages proper oral hygiene habits, especially when practiced earlier in life. These habits include brushing and flossing the teeth and rinsing with mouthwash. This type of dental care also allows for preventative measures for patients actively participating in sports. Dentists may recommend mouth guards to protect patients' teeth from fracturing due to physical impact.

Long Run

Preventive dental care can also help cut costs in the long run. Dental issues that become severe require extensive restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, which are expensive. Preventive dental care helps you avoid these hefty costs.

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Preventive dentistry can contribute to overall  health and well-being.

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What Are Periodontal Cleanings?

Periodontal cleaning, also known as scaling, root planing, and deep cleaning, is teeth cleaning focused on preventing the occurrence of dental complications, particularly periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the bacterial infection of the gum that causes swelling, redness, and sometimes bleeding.