Elma, NY Family Dentist: Implant Placement & Restoration

Implant Placement and Restoration Elma NYDo you avoid smiling because of missing teeth or have difficulty chewing? Depending on your needs, you have several tooth replacement options to choose from.

At Springbrook Family Dental, many of our patients choose dental implants because they are the most permanent tooth replacement solution available today. 

Dental Implants Improve Your Oral Health

Dental implants are artificial teeth that resemble the structure of a natural tooth and act as anchors for replacement teeth. The artificial root is surgically placed by Dr. Ollendorf-Finney at our Elma dental office, allowed to heal, and then capped with a natural-looking dental restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture. 
Dental implants are considered to be the gold standard for tooth replacement because they actually improve your oral health. When a missing tooth isn’t replaced, neighboring teeth gradually move out of alignment, and the bone in your jaw begins to deteriorate.

A dental implant will replace the missing tooth, which in turn will prevent both tooth movement and bone deterioration. Additionally, because implants have their own titanium roots, the neighboring teeth will not need to have crowns placed as they might with other tooth replacement procedures. 

The Dental Implant Process

The dental implant process starts with a consultation with Dr. Finney. At that time, we’ll discuss all your tooth replacement options. Good candidates for dental implant placement have sufficient bone present in the area where the implant is to be placed.

If you are a good implant candidate, Dr. Finney will surgically place the implant into the bone. After a healing period to allow the implant to fuse with your bone, you will return to our office, and we’ll custom-craft replacement teeth that attach securely to the implant.

Using dental implants, we can:Dental Implants Elma NY

  • Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Provide support for a dental restoration like a bridge or crown
  • Anchor a full set of dentures or overdentures

Trust Skill and Experience

Dr. Finney has advanced training and experience in the surgical placement of dental implants. During her general practice residency at the University of Colorado, Dr. Finney had the opportunity to place and restore many dental implants.  She has continued to provide dental implants to many satisfied patients in the Western New York region. Her experience enables us to handle the majority of implant cases from start to finish in our office. 

You can be confident that you’ll receive the highest standard of seamless care in a familiar, friendly environment. Our skilled team has been trained to assist in dental implant procedures and will be there to encourage and support you through all stages of your treatment.

Call to Learn More about Dental Implants

Making the decision to have dental implants placed is a big step. We will take all the time needed to make sure you understand what’s involved and answer all your questions.

Please contact our office if you’d like more information about dental implants as well as the other types of tooth replacement we offer.