Emergency Treatment in Elma, NY


We never want our patients to suffer through painful dental emergencies. We want you to call as soon as you feel uncomfortable so that we can help. At Springbrook Family Dentistry we leave emergency slots in our schedule every day so we are able to accomodate you when sudden problems arise.

Dental emergencies are never convenient. They often happen at the worst times and can make you miss work or other important events. Unfortunately, they rarely get better on their own, so if you’re taking medication to relieve your tooth pain, we urge you to call us so we can help you get back to enjoying life again.

What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies?Emergency Treatment Elma NY

Dental emergencies come from a wide variety of dental conditions. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Infection
  • Severe decay
  • Broken teeth
  • Periodontal conditions
  • Lost restorations
  • Jaw pain
  • Facial swelling

If you have any of these conditions, the sooner you call our office, the faster we can get you the help that you need. When you postpone treatment, you are taking unnecessary risks, including the risk of tooth loss.

Severe Dental Emergencies

If you experienced an accident or have bleeding that will not stop, you should visit the emergency room. You should also go straight to the hospital if you have a head or neck injury. We will be here for you once the emergency room rules out anything more serious.

Your Emergency Appointment

When you call our office, you should share as much information as possible with us so that we can properly prepare for your arrival. Tell us which of your teeth is causing the problem, if anything happened recently that might have caused it, if you have a restoration on your tooth, or if you have received a previous diagnosis that we should know about. The more information you share, the better we will be able to take good care of you.

Once you arrive in our office, we will take a digital dental x-ray of the area and Dr. Finney will determine the cause of your pain. Then, we will either recommend and perform any necessary treatment at your emergency exam, or at the very least, we will determine the cause of your pain and resolve that until we can treat you at a later time.

We know you are probably hesitant to call us, especially if your pain is mild, but things can change quickly and what was once mild pain may eventually keep you awake at night. The sooner you call, the sooner you can have peace of mind.

Are You in Pain?

Our Springbrook Family Dentistry team is here to help. We can ask you some questions to determine if an immediate office visit is necessary. We are here to support you and will take care of you just like we would want to be taken care of in your situation. Dental emergencies are no fun, so let us help you get back on track to feeling like yourself again.