Iroquois football mouthguard clinic

September 6th and 8th Springbrook Family Dentistry had the pleasure of hosting the JV and Varsity football players of Iroquois High School! We worked together with the football coach and booster club president to put together a fantastic event that made free custom mouthguards for any player who wanted one! We were able to provide 35 players with a mouth guard of the course of those two days.

Custom Mouth Guards

What’s so great about custom mouth guards compared to what you can buy over-the-counter? Custom mouthguards have been shown to reduce the chance of concussion in contact sports by 50%. When you hear all the scary statistics about head trauma to football players and problems it can cause later on in life you realize it’s incredibly important! The other benefit of custom mouthguards is that because they are fit specifically to the player’s mouth they are more comfortable which means they are more likely to be worn while playing.

We had a great time working with all the players and parents and hope to continue our involvement with our local schools in the months and years to come!

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