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Your First Visit

Your time is valuable, so at your first visit we make sure we are thorough in gathering all necessary information, reviewing all your treatment options, and making sure all of your questions are answered! Here is what to expect at your first visit with us at Springbrook Family Dentistry

  1. Patient interview: Your first interaction will be over the phone with one of our friendly receptionists who will gather all your initial patient history, find out any specific issues or concerns you are having with your dental health and get your insurance information if we are working with dental insurance. We will also find out if you have any recent dental records you would like us to request for you from another office.
  2. Initial greeting: You will be greeted by Betty Ann or Ashley at our front desk who will review paperwork with you including your medical history, HIPAA, and our financial policy. They will also get a copy of your insurance card so we will be able to communicate with your insurance company to maximize your benefits.
  3. Meeting with Linda, our hygienist: Most patients will enter our practice with their initial appointment being a dental cleaning. We start with this so that when Dr. Finney evaluates your teeth she will be able to clearly see if there are any issues, which otherwise might be hidden by plaque or calculus. (If you are having a specific concern or emergency then you may see Dr. Finney prior to having an appointment for your dental cleaning.) Linda will start by reviewing your medical history and medication list, taking your blood pressure, and reviewing any dental concerns you might have.
  4. Digital Imaging: The next step will be taking digital x-rays of your teeth. Depending on your needs the amount of x-rays may vary, however, our digital x-rays are both very safe and comfortable and give off very little radiation. If Linda sees any areas of concern in the mouth she may also take some digital photographs
  5. Dental cleaning: Following your x-rays as long as it is seen fit by the hygienist and dentist we will proceed to clean your teeth. We are always thorough but very gentle and will make sure you are comfortable throughout your time in the chair. If at this time it is determined that there may be more critical problems to address before your teeth are cleaned you may meet with Dr. Finney at this time.
  6. Dental exam: Dr. Finney will start by making sure she is fully aware of what your concerns and needs are. She will then perform a thorough oral cancer screening followed by an exam of the gums, teeth, bite and smile. We truly believe patient education is important so she will often bring up your x-rays and photos on the TV screen so you can see too and explain what she is looking at so you can better understand her recommendations.
  7. Treatment planning: Dr. Finney will review her findings with you and explain what needs to be done to put your smile in top shape. Whenever possible she will give you all the options as we believe it is important that you choose the treatment that is best for you! Ashley will then review a written treatment plan with you and go over any associated costs. If you are working with dental insurance we are always happy to get an estimate from your insurance company first to avoid any surprise bills.
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The past few months have been challenging for everyone; we are looking forward to a return to a new type of normalcy. We have officially been given the green light to re-open, and plan to resume seeing patients on June 11th. While I have cherished the extra time with my husband and 9 month old, I have missed my patients and doing what I love each day.

Over the past three months, I have spent long hours researching how to best prepare our office for a safe reopening. My number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our patients and staff. I’d like to share some of our strategies for keeping our office clean and safe for all. Please click here for more information or call us at (716) 652-0600 to schedule your next appointment.