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Does it hurt to get a crown?

Getting a dental crown is very similar to having a filling done, neither of which should hurt! The only discomfort you should feel is a minor “pinch” when we get you numb, and we are often told by our patients that we are so gentle that they didn’t even feel that part! When you receive a dental crown we will start by removing any decay on the tooth and filling that area back in. We will then go around the sides of the tooth with our instruments and “shrink” it into a smaller tooth. Once that is complete we will take an impression which is sent to our local lab to make your permanent crown. We will make a temporary crown for you in the meantime.

When you come back to receive your crown we usually don’t need to numb you at all and it’s a pretty short appointment! We will make any adjustments that are needed on your new crown and then cement it into place permanently. Your only restriction after this will be to avoid eating for one hour and then you will be good to go!

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