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Why is My Denture Loose?

If you’ve had your dentures for more than 3-5 years, they may not fit the way they used to. You may find they move when eating and speaking and may even fall down on occasion.Loose Denture | Springbrook Family Dentistry

Not only does the bone in your mouth support your teeth, but the teeth in your mouth also supports your bone. When the teeth are removed the bone loses the support once provided by the teeth and begins to resorb or shrink. While the most rapid bone loss that occurs is during the first six months after tooth removal, the bone will continue to slowly shrink and atrophy throughout the rest of your life. As a result, dentures that were made to fit your mouth several years ago may not fit now. Many people try to compensate for this by using more and more denture adhesive until the desired fit is achieved. Unfortunately, this can cause faster loss of bone and lead to an even worse fitting denture.

We have some options available to treat these problems that depend on your specific case and needs. Sometimes, if your denture is in otherwise good condition we may recommend relining the inside of the denture for a tighter fit. For very worn, ill-fitting denture we may recommend making a completely new denture.


Another option we may recommend, particularly for your lower denture, are implants to retain your denture. Implants are titanium screws fused into the bone. Once the implants have properly healed we can emmbed caps into your denture that will snap onto your implants to keep the denture in place. This technology works extremely well and most people find they can chew much better and smile with more confidence when their dentures are attached to implants. Additionally, implants work like teeth in supporting your bone, and help to prevent you from losing even more bone in the future.

If you have a loose denture and would like to find out about your options for fixing your problem, please give our office a call for a consultation! 

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