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Why do dental implants cost so much?

People are often surprised by the cost of implants so understanding why they cost what they do is important in understanding their value. The average cost for a dental implant is $4000, not including any additional grafting procedures that may be necessary to allow enough bone for the implant. At our office the price is approximately $3400 as we try to keep our fees below average to make this procedure affordable for our patients.Dental Implants Cost | Elma NY Dentist

Dental implants are the best option for replacing a missing tooth, and are often considered the standard of care when it comes to such. Unfortunately, insurance companies are behind the times and many insurance carriers do not consider implants a covered service. Even when insurance companies DO cover implants, most patients have a yearly maximum of $1,000-$1,500 which means they max out their insurance before being able to finish the implant from start to finish. In order to work around this, our office will often recommend placing the implant (the screw) in one calendar year and the abutment and crown (the tooth) the following calendar year to maximize your insurance benefits and give you more coverage.  

In addition to insurance coverage sometimes lacking, may seem costly because to properly place and restore them requires extensive time and training. Dr. Finney attended a one year training program following dental school that spent hundreds of hours on dental implant training and continues to take many hours of implant continuing education every year to keep her knowledge up to date on the best techniques and technologies. On top of additional training, extensive behind the scenes time is spent planning each implant case using x-rays, models, and 3-D technology to properly plan for your implant, as each case is unique. This time often includes collaboration with the dental lab to make sure you will receive an optimal result with your implant restoration.

Lastly, the titanium implants along with the equipment required for a doctor to place and restore implants are also very expensive which leads to a higher cost for the consumer. We want to ensure highly successful outcomes for our patients so we use high quality branded implants that have time-proven research to back their success.

Dental Implants in Elma, NY

If you are interested in dental implants and would like to get more information about what to expect for replacing your missing tooth give us a call for an individualized consultation! 

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