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How do you make a dental crown?

Dental crowns are very common procedures, usually used to protect a tooth that is broken or at high risk for breakage. To begin, if there is any decay  in your tooth it is removed and replaced with a filling so that anything lying underneath your crown is strong. The tooth is then shaped into a smaller size tooth to allow for the thickness of the crown. An impression of the reshaped tooth is made and will be sent to our local dental laboratory. A temporary crown is created  and cemented over your tooth. We will review instructions on care for your temporary crown to make sure it does not fall off or break.

When you return two weeks later your permanent crown will be adjusted until it feels natural. Most of this adjusting is done outside of your mouth and we rarely need to numb you for this appointment. Your tooth will then be scrubbed clean and the crown cemented overtop of it. We typically recommend waiting one hour before eating to ensure full setting of the cement.

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