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Are tooth colored fillings better than silver fillings?

Tooth colored fillings (also known as resin or composite fillings) and silver (amalgam) fillings are both excellent materials with different pros and cons. The majority of the fillings we do at Springbrook Family Dentistry are tooth colored fillings. Most patients prefer these due to better esthetics. Resin fillings are also great because they are more conservative than silver fillings so we do not need to drill as much since we chemically bond them into place.

While silver filings (amalgams) aren’t the prettiest, they can often be extremely durable and last a very long time! We use amalgams in situations where the tooth is extremely compromised and we cannot get a completely isolated field, which is necessary for a resin.

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Over the past three months, I have spent long hours researching how to best prepare our office for a safe reopening. My number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our patients and staff. I’d like to share some of our strategies for keeping our office clean and safe for all. Please click here for more information or call us at (716) 652-0600 to schedule your next appointment.