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Are root canals painful?

You may have heard that root canals are painful, arduous procedures. But that outdated reputation is far from the truth. When you have a root canal in Elma, NY, you will likely experience significant relief from the pain and sensitivity caused by your infected, diseased, or damaged tooth.

Root canals are life savers for teeth because they prevent the tooth from having to be extracted. Saving a tooth is always the top priority for dentists. Not only are missing teeth guy smiling | root canals elma ny problematic for your bone structure, but the empty space permits other teeth to move out of place. When a tooth is extracted, you’ll also need to consider replacing it. So dentists use root canals to restore teeth whenever they can be saved.

The Root Canal Procedure

Despite popular belief, you will not feel any pain during your root canal. Your dentist will numb the area thoroughly with a local anesthetic before starting. The entire procedure will only last about 90 minutes, and afterward, you may be sore for a few days. Your dentist will ask you to avoid chewing on the tooth until you get your permanent crown.

In the end, having a root canal is no more painful than getting a tooth filling. You’ll go home a bit numb and sore, but your pain from the problem tooth will be gone. Call our office to learn more about this procedure or to talk to our staff.

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