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How much does a dental implant cost?

Our typical fee for a dental implant is about $3500. This includes the three parts of the implant: the implant itself (the screw), the abutment (this connects the implant to the crown),dental implant elma ny and the crown (the part that looks like a tooth.) While this may seem costly, the fee is actually split up overtime since an implant can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to complete which can make the cost much more manageable. 

Other Costs Associated

Please keep in mind that there are often other things that there may be additional costs for the removal of a tooth and grafting of the site to improve the bone for implant placement. These are dependent on the site that needs the implant but a full treatment plan will always be reviewed with you prior to proceeding with treatment. Please call our office in Elma, NY to schedule a consultation to learn more about this procedure.


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Dear patients, friends and family,

In light of recent events surrounding the Corona Virus/COVID-19 and the guidance of our national and state dental societies, we will be rescheduling all 6 month cleaning appointments and any elective dental treatment over the next few weeks.

We continue to be available for dental emergencies and are accessible via phone and email. We love our patients and are willing to do whatever we can for the sake of community health and well being, especially for those among us that could be most affected by infection.

At this time, we have NO known cases of COVID-19 among our staff. Dental offices are at extreme risk for propagation of the virus due to the large number of aerosols created during dental procedures, as well as the close proximity we are in to our patients. Therefore we will continue to adhering to the highest levels of infection control.

I am confident all of us will be better off if we all do our part to protect the community and "flatten the curve". If you have any questions or are looking for any updates please follow our Facebook page or call us at 716-652-0600.