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Bridge versus implant?

Bridges and Implants | Dentist Elma NY

Tooth replacement has advanced quite a bit in the past few decades. Today we have multiple reliable treatment options for replacing missing teeth. While dental implants tend to be the best way to replace a tooth for most people, this can vary from one individual to another and should always be discussed with your dentist.

In the past, a bridge was your only choice, and it involves more than just the missing tooth. The teeth next to your missing tooth would need to be "prepped" by removing most of the outside tooth structure in order to create the bridge. The prepped teeth are then connected with a fake tooth in-between. With ...

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Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?

dental implants elma ny

Very often when a patient finds out they need a tooth removed, one of their first questions is should I replace my tooth and why? Options for tooth replacement often include dental implants, a dental bridge, or a removable partial denture. Due to aesthetic reasons, most people are very eager to replace any missing front teeth but may question what the purpose of replacing a back tooth is if no one can see it.

Having a Full Set of Teeth is Important

Back teeth help with the overall bite and the ability to chew, a function the front teeth are not meant for. Removal of posterior teeth without replacement can lead to ...

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